Sunday 15 November 2015

How To: Catapult base

My friend asked me to make a base for his catapult model in 1/72 scale.

I started from this:
  • MDF board
  • Kromlech rocks (even better than real rocks :P )
  • small tree made from copper wire

With Acrylic putty I covered whole base (without rocks)  including tree to make bark. I left two small grooves as made from catapult wheels.
When dried with PVA glue add small gravel and sand.

Painting time:
  • Vallejo grey primer for whole, and them:
  • Vallejo Medium Brown for ground
  • Vallejo Black for tree bark
  • Rocks:
    • Sombre Grey
    • Cold Grey
    • Stonewall Grey
    • As finish drybrush with White

 Time for Greens:
I used Woodland Scenics turfs because they are quick and great for 1/72 scale as a grass and small undergrow.
So for ground:
  • Burned grass turf
  • Burned grass coarse turf
  • Grass Green Blend turf
  • Medium Green bushes
  • Lichen 
All glued with Scenic cement

For tree
 With Hob-E-Tac I glued Light Green Foliage

For final touch I add withered roots.

Finished base looks this:


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